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Chimney Services- Repair, Maintenance & More

David the Village Sweep, Inc. offers a full portfolio of chimney repair and maintenance services. Whether it’s fireplaces, woodstoves, or home heating systems, we understand the intricacies of the venting systems in your home. We’re equipped to address all of your chimney cleaning needs and to maintain the peak performance of your chimney.

We offer chimney cleaning & inspections, chimney relining and the following services:

Masonry Repairs

Often, minor repairs to a chimney can save the expense of a major repair a few years in the future. We check the masonry every time we go up on a chimney.

Chimney Crown

The top (crown) is a chimney’s weakest part. Cracks develop and water seeps in, causing damage to the bricks and mortar joints below. We repair, rebuild, and seal crowns so that the whole chimney is protected from deterioration.

Chimney Repointing

Over the years, mortar may weaken and pop out from between the bricks, opening the chimney for more water damage. We repair chimneys with deteriorating mortar joints.


Brick is porous. We apply the best water repellant available for your chimney. It was specifically developed to protect chimneys from water damage and comes with a ten–year warranty. Visit www.chimneysaver.com for more information.

Install Chimney Caps

The best way to prevent moisture from rain and snow, animals, leaves, and other debris from entering your chimney is to install a chimney cap. Our high–quality stainless steel caps carry a lifetime warranty.

Install Top-Sealing Dampers

The draft of constant cold air around your fireplace may be due to your old rusted, warped, or broken damper. The top sealing damper is an inexpensive alternative to the traditional fireplace damper. Since it seals the chimney at the top, it not only keeps in warm air, but it keeps out animals, birds, and weather.

Replace Chase Covers

Rusted, leaky, or damaged chase covers are potential problems on prefabricated metal chimneys. We help eliminate problems before they start by replacing the damaged metal chase covers.

Water Leak & Condensation Resolution & Repair

Water damage to you chimney can be caused by weather or condensation from your heating appliances. If water is damaging your chimney inside or out, we’ll try to find the problem and fix it, giving you the best possible proven solution.

Animal Removal

If squirrels, raccoons, birds, or other pests have made a home in your chimney or duct, we’ll eliminate the problem, remove the animals and their nesting materials and take steps to prevent future infestation.