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Chimney Relining

Unlined furnace flues, furnace flues with deteriorating tile liners, and improperly sized furnace flues are serious health threats. A poorly vented or blocked furnace and hot water heater flue spills carbon monoxide into the house. Signs of blockages are moist heat in the furnace room, excessive soot on and around the furnace, moisture damage (peeling paint or wallpaper) on the wall next to the chimney, and white patches on the outside of the chimney. Activation of your carbon monoxide detector is an immediate danger sign. The long–term solution to a deteriorating furnace flue is to install a UL listed stainless steel liner. We offer professional chimney relining services to customers in Scotch Plains, NJ and the surrounding areas.

Call us if you suspect a blocked furnace flue or if you are installing a new furnace system. We often assist plumbers and HVAC specialists to certify chimneys in compliance with NFPA and gas code regulations. If you need to reline your furnace or boiler flue, make sure that the contractor gets a permit from your building department before they do the work.

For more information on chimney liners, see our manufacturer’s web site at www.homesaver.com.

Call us with any questions about chimney relining or to schedule an appointment.