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Chimney Products

We have done all the shopping for you! We only use the best chimney products available on the market. We have a long term commitment to the products we use and the manufacturers back us up with their guarantees.

Products include:

  • Homesaver Pro, Ultra Pro, Ventinox
  • Locktop I & II, Lyemance Dampers
  • Enervex Chimney Fans
  • Homesaver, Gelco, Whitecaps Chimney Caps
  • Chimney Saver Water Repellant
  • CrownSeal, Flash Seal, ChamberTech 2000
  • Pennsyslvania Firebacks Fireplace Accessories

Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

Deteriorating gas and oil flues represent a danger to your family. We install properly sized, UL listed stainless steel liners with lifetime warranties. Our liners are installed to the highest specifications of local and national codes as set by NFPA 211. We secure the required permits and inspections by local building code officials. To learn more about chimney relining, visit www.homesaver.com.

Chimney Caps

We often remove leaves, sticks, nests, dead birds, squirrels, and raccoons from chimneys. Chimney caps keep out unwanted visitors. The screening breaks up large sparks that might cause a fire. The little roof keeps rain from running down the flue and protects your damper from rusting. Also, a dry flue helps prevent unpleasant fireplace odors. We carry a variety of good quality stainless steel and copper caps. They come with a lifetime guarantee. Give us a call and owners Tess and David will be happy to quote prices. You can also visit our cap manufacturers at www.homesaver.com or www.whitecaps.com.

Top–Sealing Dampers

The draft of constant cold air around your fireplace may be due to your old rusted, warped, or broken damper. The top–sealing damper is an inexpensive alternative to the traditional fireplace damper. Since it seals the chimney at the top, it not only keeps in warm air, but it keeps out animals, birds, and water. For more information visit www.homesaver.com.

Customized Chase Covers

Many newer chimneys installed in our area are zero clearances or metal fabricated chimneys. Often, the tops of these metal chimneys rust out, staining the outside of the chimney. If you have a rusting or rotting chase cover, you may also be letting water leak into your home. Get more information on our customized, stainless steel chase covers at www.everguardchimney.com.

Enervex Chimney Fans

These fans are mounted on the top of chimneys, creating the perfect draft in the flue. You can also use it as a ventilator to clear the room of smoky odors. You can learn more at www.chimneyfans.com.


Firebacks are installed against the back wall of the fireplace, the area that receives the most heat and is most vulnerable to deterioration. They beautify the fireplace and reflect heat into the living area of your home. Call us for a free brochure. You can also visit www.firebacks.com to see the full line of firebacks.