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Chimney Cleaning & Inspections

It is our policy to clean a fireplace or heating flue only when there is a significant buildup of soot or creosote. When we clean a chimney, a full chimney inspection is part of our service. We check the fireplace mortar, the ash dump, the damper, the smoke chamber, and the flue. We check the outside: the mortar joints, the bricks, the flashing, the crown, the caps, and the flues. We go to the basement and check the ash cleanout door, the vent pipes leading from the heating appliances, and the base of the heating flue.

Your Safety is our Primary Concern

What are we looking for? Safety is our primary concern. Are there fire hazards? Are there blockages or cracks in the heating flue where carbon monoxide might seep in? We are also checking for potential problems before they begin to cost you serious money. If the crown (top mortar) is cracked or lifting, it will lead to expensive masonry repairs. If the damper is not making a good seal, loss of heat will mean loss of heating dollars. If the caps are rusting away, you may be vulnerable to animal intrusion. We look for any problems that could prevent peak performance and recommend what is needed for your system to burn cleanly and safely.

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